Financial Education and Coaching

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Financial information, education and coaching play a key role in building the financial capability of individuals living on a low income. People in financial trouble need individualized help to deal with the complex barriers and complicated financial situations that keep them from financial stability.

Staff from 14 organizations across Calgary received Financial Coaching training
Participants reached through Financial Coaching supports from one of 14 partner agencies in 2023

Financial Education and Coaching supports help individuals living on a low income navigate complex financial challenges through hands-on assistance, and setting and achieving financial goals in areas such as:

Money Management

Budgeting and financial planning

Debt Management

Debt management and decreasing debt


Developing savings habits and building savings

Safe and affordable financial products

Help accessing safe and affordable financial products and services

There are a variety of Financial Education and Coaching supports available through Aspire, including group-based Financial Literacy workshops, and one-to-one Financial Coaching.

Aspire partners offering Financial Education and Coaching programs

Are you or your organization interested in delivering group-based Financial Literacy workshops?

Are you or your organization interested in offering one-on-one Financial Coaching?

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