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While many individuals who live on low incomes struggle to make ends meet, they miss out on opportunities to save and invest – opportunities that are critical in overcoming poverty. Without income, people are unable to get by and without assets, people are unable to get ahead.

Participants started a Matched Savings program at one of 12 partners agencies last year
Earned in Matched Savings by Aspire participants in 2019

Matched Savings programs incentivize individuals for saving money and participating in financial literacy education by matching their savings towards the purchase of productive assets, such as education, housing or starting a small business.

At the end of a Matched Savings program a successful participant will have:

Developed effective money management knowledge and skills

Developed regular savings patterns

Developed other assets such as self-confidence, hope for the future, and social connections

Purchased an asset

Aspire partner agencies run Matched Savings programs as a key asset-building strategy that help Calgarians living on low incomes to gain greater financial independence.

Aspire partners running Matched Savings programs

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